Are you Looking for the Best AP Biology Review Book? we updated top high rated AP Biology study guides are for this year. You will never ever wrong with a reliable review book for your AP Biology classes or for the exam. This is because Biology itself covers a wide scale of many topics that can easily submerge you if you don’t know where to start and focus on. You really need good study support that can easily guide your entire review for the Advanced Placement Biology exam.

However, select the right and correct review book for your exam that you will score 5 and can also completing disconcerting and difficulties. Many exams were modified years back but lots of review books not to be updated. because of that, we make a list of the best AP Biology reviews books and we promise to give to best and highest score possibilities in your upcoming exams.

Best 6 AP Biology Books Reviews

1. Preparing for the Biology AP Exam

Best AP Biology Books

Made explicitly for the AP Biology exams, the Preparing for the Biology AP Exam is touted as the best extensive AP Biology prep book in the market today. The primary thing that ought to be noted about this item, in any case, is that it’s a companion book to the Campbell Biology reading material which is likewise alluded to as the Pearson Biology coursebook. So in case, you’re utilizing the said textbook material and the Campbell Biology practice test in class, this would be a convenient supplementary material to have. It can further elucidate the ideas referenced in the textbook material, helping you understand the points discuss in class better.

Besides being a companion material, it’s likewise very highly and suggested for making the subject much all the more engaging and simpler to process. Biology is an intricate subject and it tends to be excessively specialized and overpowering for a few, so this present title’s approach can be a crisp breath of air for understudies. It’s additionally made to feature the most significant things that you should think about every theme. This makes it simpler to go to and will give you a chance to cover more zones when checking on ideas.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It is the most complete and comprehensive AP or college-level textbook on the market.
  • The latest edition of the book comes with media resources that can improve the way you learn the subject.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Your foundation of biology should start somewhere, and this book more than covers everything you need to master the basics of the subject.
  • Despite being a long read, it isn’t too heavy of a text because of how it makes you understand the concepts of biology in an interesting and easy-to-comprehend manner.

2. Cracking AP Biology Exam By Princeton

AP Biology Exam By Princeton

The Princeton is known for its quality of its review books, The Princeton Review has produced a pretty solid material to be used for the AP Biology exam. This review book provides you all the information that you need to know for getting the perfect 5 in the exam. The book contains a comprehensive review of the topics that are in the College Board’s outline. This part of the book is easy to understand and read because of how it is broken up into sections. At the end of the chapter Princeton also provide you a review of the important terms and words and with questions that will test what you have learned.

There is a section in this book that gives you an overview of what you should expect in the exam and how you would be able to maximize the most use of this review book. It also guides you in creating your own study plan that caters to your goals, needs, and remaining study plan. In this book, you can get the test-taking tips, strategies and practice test you can use to get the highest score in Ap Biology Exam.

What Makes It Unique:

  • The book is easy to read and contains diagrams that help make the entire review process interesting and bearable.
  • You are guided through the process of making your personalized study plan to make sure that it fits all your needs and goals.
  • The premium edition contains up to five practice exams. Meanwhile, the regular edition has three practice tests.

Why Buy This Book:

  • It is a well-rounded review book that delivers content, tips, strategies, and practice questions and exams.
  • This book tends to be student-friendly and caters to the needs of teenagers. In that sense, it isn’t too overwhelming and dry.

3. Barron’s AP Biology By Deborah Goldberg

AP Biology Book By Deborah Goldberg

Barron’s AP Biology book is the most popular book on the market because of how extensive and comprehensive the subject review part of the book tends to be. Basically Barron’s cover all the information that you need to know to get a good score in the exam as far as content and topics are concerned. Barron’s also standing for when it comes to the layout and format. The layout is simply pleasing and easy on the eyes and will not tire or bore you quickly compared to other books that tend to be dry.

Its use of diagrams and illustrations also helps you learn in a more visual sense to break the monotony of endless reading. The author and publisher of this book put lots of effort into its design. The book also contains dozens of practice questions to hone your skills at answering multiple-choice and free-response questions. And, to top it all off, it has two practice exams that each have answers thoroughly explained to make you understand how and where you went wrong.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It has one of the most comprehensive of the top AP Biology content reviews on the market.
  • The layout and design are pleasing enough to get the student engaged for longer periods of time.

Why Choose This Book:

  • It has plenty of practice questions that are similar to what you will be encountering in the exam.
  • If you prefer a light read that doesn’t feel too boring or bland, then this review book should be at your corner.

4. CliffsNotes AP Biology By Phillip Pack

CliffsNotes AP Biology Books

CliffsNotes AP Biology by Phillip Pack. This is the revised version of the Cliffs Notes review book for AP Biology. This updated to reflect the restructured format of the AP Biology exam. It covers all the great qualities that have made it a favorite among students and teachers. The best part of this review book is this is very affordable. Cliffsnotes does not sacrifice its content. It covers all the information as well as strategies that student needs to know for exams.

It also trains you to answer the different types of questions you will be encountering in the exam. This book covers all the reviews of all the relevant topics that will come out in the exam. The content is detailed well enough for you to get a deeper understanding of the concepts. This review book value for money is because it comes with practice material. The two full-length practice tests are modeled after the AP Biology exam. They also come with their own answers and explanations to help you understand how to get to the right answer.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It knows how to summarize the topics after each chapter really well.
  • The book reflects the changes in the reformatted AP Biology exam and is up-to-date when it comes to information.

Why Choose This Book:

  • This is a solid book that is worth the affordable price tag because of how effective it is at improving your knowledge.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of weak points as a book although it might need to improve on its practice materials.

5. AP Biology Prep Plus By Kaplan Test Prep

AP Biology Prep Plus

This is the updated AP Biology review book and it perfectly follows the restructured style of the AP Biology exam. If you want the most up to date study material for your AP Biology exam then Kaplan Test Prep’s review book is the best for your exam. Kaplan promises its review book to help build your confidence and test-taking skills in time for the exam. As mentioned, this review book is well-aligned to the updated format and structure of the exam. At the end of the chapter, a comprehensive overview of the topics and are aligned to the four main ideas that the new structure of the exam focuses on and It also comes with quizzes at the end of every chapter which helps you to develop your retention and the way you approach and answer questions in the actual exam.

AP Biology Prep Plus study material can easily customize according to your goals and remaining prep time. This gives you the freedom to pace yourself during the entire review process and to maximize whatever time you have left before the exam. A good feature of this book is that the tips and strategies it gives are tailored specifically not just for any exam but for the AP Biology exam. This book also comes with two full-length practice tests to help you to check how already you prepared for the exam. This prep book is affordable for students and it is still worth your time and money.

What Makes It Unique:

  • This one of our best AP Biology review books picks perfectly aligns itself with the new format of the AP Biology exam.
  • The tips and strategies are specifically made for the AP Biology exam and not just for any other exam.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Go for this top AP Biology review book if you want a review material that completely follows the new restructured format of the exam.
  • It delivers a comprehensive review that does not skimp on the details.

6. Preparing For The Biology AP Exam By Jane Reece, Lisa Urry, Michael Cain, Steven Wasserman, Peter Minorsky, Robert Jackson, Fred Holtzclaw, Theresa Knapp Holtzclaw

Biology AP Exam

This review book is specially made for the AP Biology Exam. In that sense, It summarizes the contents of its mother book according to demands and outline of the college board. This review book is especially making for biology engaging and interesting to read in an understandable way. This review book is specially made for the AP Biology Exam. It takes out the most important topics from Campbell and summarizes them in a comprehensive and in-depth manner. This review book is favorite among students and teachers.

For your better training, This review book contains different types of questions such as multiple-choice and free-response at the end of every section or chapter. With the help of this book, you can improve your way to answer the questions of the exam. This book also helps you to get information on the updated version of exam. This book is really the best book in the market and also got positive feedback on amazon.

This material is really helpful for your AP Biology Exam. This book provides you the concept which is needed in your exam and also preparing you with questions that perfectly represent what would come out in the AP Biology exam. The price of this book is the perfect companion to your Campbell textbook or any other biology book for that matter.

What Makes It Unique:

1. It was tailor-made as an AP Biology companion to Campbell Biology.
2. The book covers important topics using the same style used by its mother textbook.

Why Choose This Book:

1. If you own or have already read Campbell, then no other review book can be as useful as supplementary material as this one.
2. The practice questions perfectly mirror the updated style of the AP Biology exam. This is the best AP Biology review books in our selected list.

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